Are you searching for an incredible bush camp safari in Zambia? A safari that epitomises what it should all be about: amazing wildlife, exceptional guiding and a true, wilderness experience?

Don’t fancy remortgaging your house to pay for it?

At Jackalberry Safaris we craft remarkable, all-inclusive safaris for travellers with a budget.

If you’re craving an escape from the mania of modern life, there is nowhere better than Zambia’s remote and timeless South Luangwa National Park. Here you can forget all about the news and rediscover your sense of childhood wonder. And what better way to tune out the siren call of your Inbox, than in the tranquillity of our small bush camp, set deep inside the South Luangwa itself?

We understand that going on safari is a big financial commitment. You need to make sure you’re getting the very best value for money. At Nkonzi Camp we are proud to offer safaris that rival those of high-end bush camps, at a fraction of the price. By focusing on the important things – authentic accommodation and amazing wildlife encounters – and cutting out the unnecessary things – crystal decanters and private plunge pools – we can offer outstanding safaris at excellent prices. And the best bit of all? By staying inside the national park, you’re ensuring that far more of your safari dollars go directly to the Zambian wildlife authorities, whose conservation work is so vital to protecting the country’s wild places.

The idea of getting to the South Luangwa can be a daunting and expensive prospect. However, with more great value travel options than ever before, your journey here doesn’t have to break the bank either.

At Jackalberry Safaris we are a small, dedicated team. We don’t have millionaire investors or overseas headquarters. But we do have a deep love for what we do. Our passion is sharing the incredible South Luangwa with our guests. You’ll never feel ‘lost in the crowd’ with us – we only have eight beds! Our friendly team will look after you royally, ensuring that you leave us feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to tackle that Inbox once more.

Before we visited Nkonzi I was very nervous of sleeping in a tent with wild animals roaming freely outside at night. But once we arrived  I was completely put at ease by the camp staff who escorted us to our tents at night and were around all the time if needed. And Gavin’s calm and confident approach gave me confidence in the unfamiliar situation – it soon became ‘home from home’ and  somewhere exciting and adventurous instead of scary!

One of the things I loved most was sitting out at night under the lantern-lit trees and the moon and stars after an al fresco dinner – unforgettable. I also loved the early morning breakfast by the camp fire before the sunrise game-drive – quite an endorsement from me as I don’t do mornings well!

It is a privilege to visit such a place, and be with such knowledgeable people. I felt that I had really experienced the African bush rather than just visited.

I would most definitely recommend Nkonzi Camp – in fact we are coming again in 2018 and bringing friends with us!

Jennie C


River bed dinner Nkonzi Bush Camp South Luangwa

For many years the South Luangwa was almost inaccessible to all but the most intrepid of travellers. Happily, the park is now much easier to reach and far more people can experience the beauty of this pristine wildlife area.

With greater numbers of visitors, the South Luangwa has become a lot busier. That’s why we chose to site Nkonzi Camp in a beautiful, undiscovered area of the national park. Our vehicles often don’t see another game drive all day. Having incredible wildlife sightings all to yourself and feeling like the only person in the park really is priceless.

Doing things the right way also means we always guide responsibly. You’ll never go away from Nkonzi Camp feeling a bit uncomfortable about some of the things your guide did. For us, going on safari should be about watching stunning wildlife behaving naturally, in its natural environment. Responsible guiding is in our DNA, and we can’t wait to share with you just how special an expert led, remote and responsible bush camp safari can be.

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