I’m Gavin Opie. I’m passionate about safaris, conservation, and sharing my experiences with you.

I have spent most of my life in Zambia, first catching crocodiles on the Kafue River, then building a lodge on Lake Kariba, and now guiding safaris in the South Luangwa National Park. My blog posts tell you more about my story, as well as sharing insider tips and knowledge about my favourite place to be in the world: Zambia.

Nkonzi Rises

What does it take to build a safari bush camp from scratch every year? The South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is world renowned for its remote bush camps. Many of these, like Nkonzi Camp, are only open for a few months a year. Gavin tells us what it takes to start...

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Haunted by Wood Owls

It’s fantastic how owls really seem to capture people’s imagination. Perhaps it’s their eerie calls, or maybe their famous nocturnal habits, but something sets owls apart from other birds. They feature heavily in European folklore, often as the wise all-knowing...

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The Plight of the Pangolin

People often ask if we regularly see very exciting things, such as lions hunting or leopards stalking, and the simple answer is yes! If you are lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the bush, odds are you will witness some amazing things. The truth of the matter is...

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Dog napped!

Baboons are one of my favourite African species; they are mischevious, highly intelligent and always entertaining to watch. We have a troop of baboons who roost in the trees above our cottage in Mfuwe, and I'm always surprised to hear their incredibly human-like...

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A Twist in the Tail

If you hear blood curdling screams in the middle of the night while visiting the Luangwa, you can safely assume you have heard the night time call of the thick tailed bushbaby. Or if it happened to be last week, it might have been my reaction to being stung by a...

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Lion Country!

There is an old hunters' saying that a man is afraid three times in his life: the first time he sees lion tracks, the first time he hears a lion roar and the first time he sees it in the flesh. When I first moved to Zambia, I was lucky enough to join a seasoned crew...

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The Amazing Life of Bats

Recently we had renovations made to our cottage in Mfuwe. One of the changes involved raising the roof of our bedroom. This became a bit of an ordeal as we didn’t realise that there was a gap left in the wall which was very quickly inhabited by a colony of bats. Not...

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An Adventure Begins

When I first visited Zambia's South Luangwa National Park in November 2006, I felt what all first-time visitors must feel: awe at its untouched beauty, amazement at the sheer variety of incredible wildlife, and gratitude that I had discovered this place at last. It...

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