Nyanja is widely spoken in Zambia. Learn these easy phrases and you’ll make yourself understood throughout the country, from Livingstone to the Luangwa.

Not only that, you’ll bring a smile to the face of everybody you try them out on!

All conversations should begin with exchanging pleasantries to set things on the right course:
Hello, how are you?

Muli bwanji?

I’m fine. How are you?

Bweno. Muli bwanji?

I’m fine


It’s then perfectly acceptable to slew shamelessly into English for the remainder of the conversation!
But give these phrases a whirl too and watch the magic happen…
My name is…

Dzina langa ndine….

How much is this?


Yes / no

Ee / Ayi

Thank you


Thank you very much indeed

Zikomo kwambili

Wonderful, beautiful, that’s awesome, I am so happy right now


No problem!

Palibe mvuto!

Is this the bus to Chipata?

Kodi iyi bus ipita kuChipata?

Good luck until tomorrow (use in parting to someone you’ll see tomorrow)

Tizaonana mayilo

Stay / travel well

Khalani / muyende bweno

Fancy some more travel tips?

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