At Jackalberry Safaris, we're all about ease, comfort and unforgettable experiences. From beginning to end, we want to make your safari as stress-free as possible, so we are unique in offering transfers to and from Chipata. Our transfers between Chipata and Mfuwe usually take between 3-4 hours in an air-conditioned minibus. Of course, if you do choose to save some time by flying in, we will be happy to collect you from Mfuwe airport at the beginning of your safari.

All safaris depart from Dean's Hill View Lodge in Chipata. Dean's is clean, comfortable and well priced, but not very big, so it's a good idea to book your accommodation prior to arrival. If you decide to stay elsewhere, such as Mama Rula's, we recommend that you book a morning taxi to Dean's the night before. Departure times may vary depending on the time of year and condition of the roads, but we'll inform you of the pickup schedule when you make your booking. Arrival time in Chipata at the end of your tour may also vary, particularly as road conditions change during the season. Again, we'll give you a better idea of journey times when you book so that you can arrange your onward travel.

Dean's Hillview Lodge: + 260 (0) 6221 673

Mama Rula's 

Travelling to Chipata from Lusaka


Chipata is easily accessible from Lusaka. You can choose to travel by bus, and arrive dusty but on-budget, or you can pay the airfare to Mfuwe and arrive unharried after a mere 1 hour flight.

By road

In Lusaka several fast, air-conditioned coaches depart daily from the terminus on Dedan Kimathi road. Smaller minibuses also run from here, although their levels of comfort and safety leave quite a bit to be desired. We recommend that you catch as early a bus as possible to Chipata, as the journey takes at least 8 hours on a coach, and longer on a minibus. Be aware that both coaches and minibuses often leave when they're full, rather than at the specified time, so you may want to arrive at the terminus in advance of your desired departure. If you intend to catch a very early bus, it may be wise to buy your ticket the day before: otherwise it's fine to pay your fare on the bus. Ticket prices vary on a yearly basis, but in 2013 the cost of a one-way Lusaka-Chipata ticket was approximately 120 kwacha, with a 10 kwacha charge for large luggage.

By air

Flights to Mfuwe from Lusaka can cost anywhere between $80 (off-season) and $300 (peak-season), with prices dependent on demand. During the peak season there are usually three flights to Mfuwe per day. As with most airfares, the best deals are available to those who can book in advance, so try not to leave your decision until the night before! Details of the main operators Proflight can be found on their website, and bookings are most easily made through travel agents in Lusaka, or through the hotel at which you're staying.

Travelling to Chipata from Lilongwe


Travelling from Lilongwe to Chipata takes around four hours. Most travellers choose to take a taxi or minibus from Lilongwe to the Zambian border, and then a taxi to Chipata once acros