If you find yourself in Chipata and need a way of getting to Nkonzi Camp, we can help with that.

The road from Chipata to Mfuwe used to be atrocious. It’s terribleness was infamous across Africa, which is saying something considering the state of many of the continent’s roads. At one time overland companies refused to put their 4x4 trucks through the punishment of driving Chipata-Mfuwe stretch. We used to drive it quite often, and on one memorable journey the bumps were so terrible that our wheel nuts shook lose and one of our wheels fell off as we were driving. Luckily we were going very slowly, but it still wasn’t a happy afternoon.

When the road was in this state, we at Jackalberry Safaris would organise group transfers to Mfuwe from Chipata, as no other safari companies in the valley wanted to do this. The journey would take 5 hours, and guests would arrive shell-shocked, with wild, staring eyes and a haunted look.

Very happily, this is no longer the situation. In 2013 the road was completely rebuilt, and it is now a wide swath of smooth, almost pristine tarmac. The journey takes around 2 hours and there are numerous minibuses and private taxis making the trip every day.

For this reason, we no longer organise transfers from Chipata to Mfuwe. If you find yourself in Chipata, and need to reach Mfuwe, we suggest that you phone the lodge where you’re staying as they will have up to date numbers for reliable taxi drivers.

Alternatively, you can book a private, reliable, air-conditioned minibus for the round journey and we are very happy to help organise this. Please just let us know if you need this service.

Of course, if you choose to fly to Mfuwe, we will be happy to collect you from Mfuwe airport at the beginning of your safari. The cost of this airport transfer is included in your safari price.

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